Our Approach

We are a power washing pressure cleaning company. Our approach is to have...

  • Our customers satisfied
  • Chemicals be plant and environmentally safe
  • Have a fresh clean smell when done
  • Get your repeated business

Our Story - Before I was Dynamic Waterworks

We started in 2012 after buying a new pressure washer. The neighbor wanted to borrow it, but he borrowed the old one once before. The poor power washer has not been the same ever since. But still being friends, and since this one was new, we decided that I would pressure clean his home for a small fee.

After he showed several other folks around the neighborhood the job done, some extra scheduling took place during the weekends.

And very soon, after that we became a productive company through our reputation. Check out our Home Advisor ratings!

Meet the Owner

Hello. My name is Travis Burton. I am here to give you the best pressure cleaning power washing that you can buy at the lowest price in Virginia. Please call me for any questions - (804) 814-8026


Trucks | Planes | Trains | Automobiles

We use soft and hard spray technology to take care of your merchandise.


Homes | Condos | Businesses | Schools

No matter how big the project is, we have the top rated equipment for it. it helps our reputation.


Sidwalks | Driveways | Parking Lots

We will treat your merchandise like a piece gold. And we will make it shine like gold too.

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